• To be a leading national and international program in the field of architectural engineering and its applications enriching lives and shaping the future.
  • Tackling the main challenges of Egypt through creative and practical solutions.
  • To become a world class center for the high standard educational system, graduates, and achievements of its research centers.
  • To become a role model for higher education, research, and innovation in Egypt Africa, and MENA area by adopting the Japanese educational standards, policies, and systems.
  • Discovery and dissemination of new knowledge, through focusing on quality education and active learning to improve the quality of life.
  • To impact the society through offering a diverse, interdisciplinary curriculum can offer graduates to serve the national vision to achieve the Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS).
  • To give the students the necessary skills and education to improve their career in term of the sustainability and energy efficiency aspects that help them lead their community towards healthier and sustainable futures.