The Sustainable Architecture Program welcomes applications to its undergraduate program through the E-JUST admission website. E-JUST undergraduate admission policy ensures equal opportunity to all applicants who meet the given criteria. Admission decisions are made by the Admission Committee through students’ performance on the below process, which examines his/her basic knowledge, skills and other qualities that help succeed in the Sustainable Architecture program.  *Students will admit the program at the 1st semester

The study in Sustainable Architecture program is in credit hours and full-time mode. The regulations and requirements are indicated in the following articles.

1.The academic degree is granted whenever the student fulfils the requirements for obtaining it, as determined by the faculty’s internal regulations.

2.The maximum permissible study period is twice the proposed period stipulated in the program (not less than 4 years and half) and does not include suspended semesters for reasons acceptable to the Education council, and after this period the student is terminated from the program.