Events and Activities

Fall 2021-2022


Islamic Cairo Site Visit

Field visit to Islamic Cairo for 1st year students, Fall 2021-2022.

The New Alamein City Site Visit for Sustainable Architecture Students

Public Seminars with Japanese Partners


In 22nd February 2023, A Lecture entitled “Business model of the private railway company in Japan“ was held by Takuro Kubota - Manager for Group Management Department in Odakyu Electric Railway Company.

The lecture covered the following topics:

  • Introduction of Odakyu Electric Railway Company
  • Concept of Japanese railway business (Historical aspect and business strategy in Japanese private railway company business)
  • Characteristics of Odakyu’s development (How Odakyu working on enhancing urban development in our business area)
  • History f major development projects
  • Concept of TOD (Transit Oriented Development) and its major project
  • Other recent projects and unique challenges to enhance the utilization of local areas to enrich the local company.


In 8th March 2023, A Lecture entitled “Passive Solar Design “was held by Ryo Murato - Associate Professor in Department of Architecture and Building Engineering - Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Environmental and Society.